French is taught throughout the girls’ school career at Pembridge Hall, from Year 1 up to Year 6. The emphasis in the Lower School is primarily on developing the girls’ listening and speaking skills, with the lessons taught through interactive songs, rhymes and games. From Year 3 the girls are introduced to writing and reading in French; as their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar expands they are able to work towards writing and reading longer and more complex sentences in Year 6.

The language used to convey instructions in class is mostly French so the girls are exposed to the target language and are able to develop their listening skills as well as their confidence. Also the lessons are structured around questions as we value the interaction and the ability to ask and respond in French.

Pupils study 5 main topic areas during their time at Pembridge Hall:

  1. Myself and family
  2. School and daily routine
  3. Home, town and local area
  4. Free time, clothes and shopping
  5. Food and drink

We subscribe to the interactive language learning website Linguascope, which pupils can access at school and use at home in order to consolidate the vocabulary learnt at school. Pupils have access to French books that they are able to borrow. There are also Bilingual dictionaries that the girls can use when doing writing tasks in class.

Special events are planned throughout the year in order to enhance the French curriculum. Highlights include the trip to the French Institute in Year 3 and a week’s immersion in France for the Year 6 pupils at the wonderful Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy.

At Pembridge Hall, we value other languages such as Spanish, Italian, German and Russian by running the Languages Kaleidoscope Club. This offers an exciting opportunity for girls who speak an additional language at home to converse in that language and enable them to learn about the culture of their country.

Y5 Vocabulary booklet
Y4 Vocabulary Booklet
Y1, 2 and Y3 Vocabulary Booklet

Oxford School French dictionary

 The first learner’s French dictionary