Inspiring and interactive lessons introduce our girls to a world beyond their own front door and lead them to a burgeoning awareness of the beautiful yet fragile planet we live on.

Increasingly, Geographical studies emphasise the need for girls to use their independent learning skills to acquire new knowledge and understanding.  In addition to recalling factual information regarding rainfall in the Sahara or shifting tectonic plates in the Pacific, we expect our girls to engage their imagination and sense of enquiry, delving deeper into complex and often contentious issues governing the world in which we live.

The syllabus is varied and exciting. From early work in the Lower School on our local area, beginning with Reception’s visits to Holland Park Forest School, we begin to introduce focus studies on island communities in the Hebrides, and explore life in countries as diverse as Mexico, Kenya and India. Physical elements of our world are also explored in detail: mountains, rivers, climate and coastal studies, to name but a few. Our teaching makes use of the very best of ICT allowing children to explore mapping through technology. In order to ensure that learning is reflected beyond the classroom, fieldwork is carried allowing girls to use a variety of specialised equipment in a range of exciting locations.

By the end of Year Six, girls have a strong base of knowledge and skills upon which to build when transferring to their senior schools.

Our hope is that our girls will leave us as responsible global citizens, aware of the world around them and ready for the challenges the 21stCentury will bring.