At Pembridge Hall, ICT is both a tool for learning in the classroom and a rigorous academic subject in itself.

As an academic subject, pupils start in Kindergarten by learning the basics of mouse control, typing, drawing and even some basic programming! In Years 1 and 2, ICT is specialist taught and covers word processing, desktop publishing, drawing packages as well as a number of opportunities to develop programming skills. From Year 3, girls have an additional ICT lesson each week. One lesson is taught by the class teacher and is dedicated to the development of skills in word processing, desktop publishing and creating presentations. Pupils also use some of this time to practice touch typing skills. In the specialist taught additional lesson, pupils focus on programming and the creation of digital media.

Programming languages used form a rigorous continuum from Kindergarten to Year 6. Scratch Jr and Scratch are used extensively. Python and HTML are introduced as pupils become more accustomed to key concepts used.

Throughout the year groups, pupils learn about how to use digital media safely and effectively as part of a structured age appropriate curriculum. Visiting speakers underline this important aspect.

“Pembridge Hall has a wide range of ICT equipment, in classrooms and in ICT suites in both school buildings. This equipment is designed to provide a range of learning experiences.”

As a learning tool, ICT is used throughout the curriculum to enhance the existing curriculum. Particular attention is paid to ensure that the ICT used adds to the learning experience and is an aid to effective learning. Pupils both consume and create digital media within this context.

All classrooms are equipped with digital display screens and visualisers. The developing use of tablets in classrooms is adding to the existing curriculum. An innovative approach is taken to the use of ICT to develop subject specific knowledge, to enhance girls’ ability to utilise this knowledge in a dynamic way and to enhance other learning skills such as independence.

Through this curriculum, girls are inspired to follow the example of the wide number of women who have been influential in the history of technology.

The school has several subscriptions to educational websites which reinforce and extend learning. Children have access to some of these from home; you can find the website addresses below. These websites have been verified and approved by the school and you should have been provided with individual log-in details. Please feel free to speak to your daughter’s class teacher if you have mislaid this information.

Discovery Education:


Education City:






Purple Mash:


Twig Prep:




Phonics Play:


Typing Pal: