At Pembridge Hall, pupils in Years 5 and 6 are invited to undertake individual LAMDA tuition at school. The London Academy of Music, Drama and Art (LAMDA) is a long-established organisation with an international reputation in training for the performing arts.  In school, we concentrate on the Communication aspect of the LAMDA programme and work towards attaining qualifications awarded by LAMDA at the end of the unit.

Within their individual sessions, the girls are introduced to a variety of poetic styles and structures and begin to practise the key skills of intonation, expression and voice moderation when reading poetry aloud. They work towards the eventual aim of reciting a prepared piece of poetry in performance during a recital for their teachers and parents. Girls also receive an introduction to the art of good conversation, discussing a variety of contemporary affairs and events in a manner that engages the listener and demonstrates their understanding of the topics under discussion.

The value of these sessions in empowering girls in the skills of performance and public speaking are immeasurable. Not only is poetry recital a key tool in reinforcing memory skills and an understanding of poetic structure, it also allows girls creative free rein in taking on a new role or understanding an unfamiliar experience. The girls’ enjoyment of these sessions and their pride in their enhanced confidence in public speaking and their newly-honed conversational skills is testament to the success of the programme.