There is no denying that Physical Education and Sport play an important part of life at any Preparatory school. At Pembridge Hall our focus is on fostering a love of Physical Education and Sport, and recognising its importance in adding a new dimension to the lives of our pupils, increasing motivation and performance in all aspects of school life.

Physical Education lessons are divided into two different strands ensuring that the girls are exposed to an array of different sports and have the opportunity to acquire a variety of core skills.

Extra-Curricular opportunities exist in Netball, Hockey, Football, Rounders, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Fencing, Cross-Country Running and Dance.

At Pembridge Hall every child has the opportunity to participate in team and individual sports at an appropriately challenging level. This ranges from IAPS National competitions to local fixtures.

Through Games lessons and the physical education programme, all children are encouraged to take part and parents are invited to spectate and support the children in competitive fixtures and tournaments.

Our top teams in each age group exhibit a strong competitive spirit and have experienced regional competition. Team opportunities exist from Year 3 to Year 6 and all pupils are coached by the specialist teachers in the school, as well as by other visiting professionals whose interests and talents lie in Sport.

Pembridge Hall operates a “sport for all” team policy by scheduling as many teams as possible into a competitive fixture list, as well as our Inter-house programme.

Pembridge Hall School

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The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent…. Pupils in all years achieve highly across the curriculum, especially in English and mathematics.

Pupils are self-assured, confident and resilient … pupils are broad-minded, mature for their age, self-disciplined and self-motivated.

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