The Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mr. Henry Keighley-Elstub, PGCE Head
Mrs. Rebecca Raffan, BEd (Hons) Deputy Head
Miss Nicola Mooney, BA(Ed) (Hons) Assistant Head (Pastoral)
Miss Amelia Partridge, PGCE, MA Assistant Head Academic (Curriculum & Learning)
Miss Chloe Davies, M.A. (Cantab), PGCE Assistant Head Academic (Progress & Achievement) & Head of Upper School Science
Senior Management Team
Miss Katie Barnsley, BA(Ed) (Hons)  Head of Reception
Miss Kathryn Boyes, BA (Hons), PGCE, Med (Cantab), SpLD Head of Additional Needs
Miss Samantha Cairney, BA Hons  Head of Lower School and Reception & Lower School English
Ms Elizabeth Symonds, PGCE Head of Middle School
Ms. Emma Bailey, BA QTS (Hons) Head of Upper School
Miss Emily Morgan, BEd  Head of Reception & Lower School Maths
Miss Lauren Spring, MaST  Head of Middle & Upper School Maths
Miss Seema Manji, PGCE  Head of Digital Learning
Class Teachers
Miss Katie Barnsley, BA(Ed) (Hons) Reception (RKB), Head of Reception
Miss Lily Holdaway, BA Hons Reception (RLH), Geography Coordinator
Miss Alice Huntrods, BA Hons Reception (RAH)
Miss Georgia Gaffney, QTS Year 1 (1GG)
Miss Sharon Hague, Dip Ed Year 1 (1SH)
Miss Emily Morgan, BEd Year 1 (1EM), Head of Reception & Lower School Maths
Miss Abigail Bass, BA (Hons), PGCE Year 2 (2AB), Environmental Coordinator
Miss Nicola Lee, BA (Hons), QTS Year 2 (2NL)
Miss Laura Smith, PGCE Year 2 (2LS)
Mrs. Camilla Critchley, PGCE Year 3 (3CC)
Miss Mona Farsi, PGCE Year 3 (3MF)
Mrs. Annmarie Tobin, PGCE Year 3 (3AT), RE Coordinator
Mrs. Adriah Holder, PGCE Year 4 (4AH), History Coordinator
Miss Hafisa Sajjad, BA(Hon), QTS Year 4 (4HF)
Ms Elizabeth Symonds, PGCE Year 4 (4ES), Head of Middle School
Ms. Emma Bailey, BA QTS (Hons) Year 5 (5EC), Head of Upper School
Mrs. Jane Martin, PGCE Year 5 (5JM)
Miss Rebecca Wilkin, BA (Hons), QTS, PGDE Year 5 (5RW)
Mrs. Sue Burden Griffiths, PGCE Year 6 (6SB), Learning Enrichment Coordinator
Mrs. Annabelle Larkworthy, MEd Year 6 (6AL),  Educational Visit Coordinator
Miss  Sarah Waterman, BA, QTS Year 6 (6SW)
Miss Shelby Williams, PGCE Teacher
Mrs. Elisabetta Bell, MA Head of Music (Maternity cover)
Miss Kathryn Boyes, BA (Hons), PGCE, Med (Cantab), SpLD Head of Additional Needs
Mr. Daniel Braunstein, PGCE English Enrichment Coordinator
Miss Annie Burton, PGCE French Coordinator
Miss Lacey Congram, BSc, GTP Head of PE & Games
Miss Chloe Davies, M.A. (Cantab), PGCE Assistant Head Academic (Progress and Achievement) & Head of Upper School Science
Miss Katherine Davies, BA (Hons) Dance Teacher
Mrs. Sarah Desforges, PGCE SEN Teacher
Mrs. Anna Gil, MSc Chem, PGCE Head of Lower & Middle School Science, Health & Safety Officer
Miss Amy Greenwood PE Teacher
Miss Clare Hirons, BA (Hons), PGCE Art Teaching Assistant
Ms Yannik Le Troadec, PGCE, MA Art & Design Coordinator
Miss Seema Manji, PGCE Head of Digital Learning
Mrs. Anna Miller, MA Head of Music (Maternity leave)
Miss Madeleine McKinley, BSc (Hons) PE Assistant
Miss Rebecca Moore Head of Drama (Maternity cover)
Mrs. Clare Radwell, BA (Ed) EAL Teacher
Mrs. Lisa Shelbourn, PGCE Music Teacher
Mrs. Alyssa Shillinglaw, BEd, Mont Dip, Dip SPLD SEND Teacher
Miss Lauren Spring, MaST  Head of Middle & Upper School Maths
Mrs. Sophie Price, PGCE Head of Drama (Maternity leave)
Teaching Assistants
Ms. Vicky Lafazani, QTS Reception (RKB)
Miss Sally Dinh, BSc Reception (RLH)
Miss Charlotte Sirr, BSc, MSc Reception (RAH)
Miss Dolores Dwane, QCF Dip Year 1 (1SH)
Mr. Martin Finn Year 1 (1GG), TA Coordinator
Miss Maribel Vicho Mercado, BEd (Hons) Year 1 (1EM)
Mrs. Diane Fitzgerald Year 2 (2LS)
Miss Avril Richardson Year 2 (2AB)
Miss Emma Tovey Year 2 (2NL)
Miss Iulia Pepel, BA (Hons), MA Middle & Upper School
Visiting Music Staff
Mr. Ben Aldridge, BMus Guitar
Ms. Deborah Ellin, B.Mus (Hons) P.G.Dip, LRAM Flute
Ms. Janine Magnin Singing
Miss Jennifer Rhodes Singing
Miss Elizabeth Ryder Singing
Mr. Antero Manocchi Cello
Mrs. Sarah Pope, RAM Hons Piano
Mr. Mladen Stankovic, BMus Piano
Mr. Elliot Phelps, BMus (Hons) Trumpet
Miss Anda Vican, BMus Violin
Mr. Glen Williams, ARCM Clarinet
Administrative Staff
Mrs. Katarina Benbelaid School Administrator (No.10)
Miss  Danielle Butler Head’s PA & Admissions Assistant
Mrs. Caroline Fenston Head’s PA & School Administrator (No.18)
Ms. Claude-France Dubois Bursar
Mrs. Roseli Heinsius Data Manager
Miss Monika Jackova Registrar
Mr. Dave Winn IT Operations Engineer
Mrs. Carol Gator Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Angie McIntosh Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Imelda Mendoza Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Josefin Mendoza Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Mandy Nunes Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Hoda Kanswa Traffic & Playtime  Supervisor
Mr. Lourenco Guedes Site Manager



Pembridge Hall School

Another year of excellent senior school results! We are extremely proud of our Year 6 girls who worked so hard throughout the 11+ process.

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