The aim of the Pembridge Hall Parents’ Association (PHPA) is primarily to enhance the girls’ overall experience at school and bring an extra dimension to school life that benefits the whole school community. Part of this involves raising awareness of the chosen PHPA charities and involving the girls in fund raising opportunities.

We accomplish this by organising a calendar of events throughout the year. Parents are given a remit and organise social activities accordingly. For example the Lower and Middle/Upper School Christmas Parties, the Middle/Upper School Barn Dance, the Headmaster’s Quiz Night and refreshments at Sports Day as well as other events.

By engaging with the school in such events we hope to promote and cement the triangular relationship of girl, parent and teacher that The Head believes is so crucial to life at Pembridge Hall.

The PHPA chooses a selection of charities to support during the year. At the end of each term, 10% of the proceeds of each Second Hand Uniform Sale are donated to charity and the rest is used to subsidise the above events. After each fundraising event, 100% of the proceeds are donated to charity. Please refer to the charities section of this website.

Lastly, we hope to facilitate communication between the parents and the school with regards to social matters. The PHPA committee meets twice termly with the Head and Deputy Head. Minutes of these meetings are distributed among all parents in the hope of creating greater clarity.

The prime focus of class representatives is to support the PHPA in its overall aims and in doing so we aim to support the Head in his drive to forge positive and constructive relationships with parents and teachers.