Middle School

Year 3’s classroom bases are housed within No. 18 Pembridge Square, however in terms of curriculum and day-to-day interaction Years 3 and 4 make up our Middle School. Middle School girls attend subject lessons at No. 10 Pembridge Square, and are taught by specialist subject teachers rather than their class teacher for certain subjects. 

 In Year 3, girls begin preparation for life in the Upper School, and begin to take on greater responsibilities in terms of recording their own homework and organising their homework schedule across the week, enabling them to independently manage their own learning. Year 3 also includes the girls’ first residential trip, visiting a busy activity centre along with their class teachers and specialist staff and spending a few nights away from home. Highlights of the Year 3 academic programme include a study of Ancient Egypt, encompassing a much anticipated Ancient Egypt dressing-up day, and a trip to the British museum.

Year 4 is a time of change and transition, when girls move to classrooms at No. 10 and begin to work alongside Years 5 and 6. They soon benefit from the example of the Upper School girls, and increase in maturity and independence. A wealth of varied and thought-provoking topics, such as ‘World War Two’ and ‘Threats To Our Oceans’, ensure that the year is exciting and stimulating.