Upper School

Our spacious building at No. 10 Pembridge Square features a range of custom-designed spaces for the teaching of specialist subjects, including a well-equipped Science laboratory, a light and airy Art studio, a spacious Gymnasium and a Drama studio complete with stage lighting and a dazzling array of costumes and props. 

Year 5 is a fast-paced year academically as the girls gradually take on greater responsibility for their own learning and to start to prepare for the 11+ examinations in Year Six.  Nevertheless, assemblies, outings, concerts, a drama production for parents and the Residential Trip all contribute to the enthusiasm and enjoyment of Upper School life.

The Autumn term of Year Six is an exciting and challenging one, where the girls work tremendously hard to fully prepare for the 11+ and Common Entrance examinations, which take place in January.  They are taught the value of perseverance and determination as they strive to reach their maximum potential. Once the exams are over, we continue on with a vigorous academic programme and also take several outings.  The Year Six play is a much-anticipated highlight of the later part of the year, as is our week-long residential trip to France.