Entry Points

Reception: The main entry point to Pembridge Hall is Reception, where girls are admitted at 4 years old. Parents are strongly recommended to register their daughter as soon after birth as possible and then definite places are offered based on the following procedure. Applications are processed by calendar month to ensure an even distribution of birthdays throughout the year. Places are allocated at the end of the month. The month is divided into thirds and an even number of girls is randomly selected from each third. Thereafter, names are added to an on-going waiting list.

7+: For entry at 7+, girls are invited to an Assessment Day, taking place in the Spring Term, during which they will be assessed in English and Maths. Having spent three years at Pembridge Hall, we are so proud of the significant academic progress made by our Year 2 girls and assessment of girls at 7+ enables us to make a judgement as to whether or not a child would be able to access and benefit from the pace and breadth of our curriculum as they move through the school. Assessment Days also allow girls to familiarise themselves with our school and the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops with our specialist subject teachers.

Occasional places: Applications for girls into any other year group, when places are available, are subject to an age appropriate assessment in addition to receipt of a report from the girl’s feeder school. Any reports or information from educational psychologists or other relevant bodies should also be supplied to help assist the school in its decision.