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School Ethos


Pembridge Hall places our girls at the heart of everything. By combining traditional values with an innovative education, girls are prepared for life in an ever-evolving world through an ambitious and aspirational prep school experience. Placing emphasis on each girl as an individual, we recognise that happiness, a love of learning and emotional well-being are intrinsic to academic performance. Pembridge Hall girls are nurtured, challenged and empowered to succeed. At Pembridge Hall we aim for all Pembridge girls to:

Aims & Values


BE INDIVIDUAL – Pembridge girls are encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best whilst developing their unique character. They are seen as individuals and their interests and talents are nurtured. The girls are encouraged to be articulate and confident, whilst understanding the importance of humility t .

BE KIND – Pembridge girls develop the skills to work collaboratively with one another, using their emotional intelligence and a toolkit of strategies to support both themselves and others.  The girls are encouraged to develop a sense of self-understanding and empathy for others.

BE CURIOUS – Pembridge girls are stimulated to be intellectually curious, ask questions, and develop a love of learning. They are given a breadth of experience and are encouraged to aim high in all they do.

BE ASPIRATIONAL – Pembridge girls are taught to understand the importance of making mistakes and are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in their learning.   A progressive curriculum embeds a culture of striving for excellence and families are supported to be aspirational in their senior school choices.

BE RESILIENT – girls are given numerous opportunities to reflect on their learning and develop strategies to manage their wellbeing.   Girls develop a growth mindset, enjoy challenge and take risks.

BE RESPONSIBLE – Pembridge girls gain an appreciation of wider society and the diversity of nationalities, faiths, beliefs and languages represented by Pembridge Hall families. Girls develop a sense of responsibility to help others, through charitable work and community outreach.


No one knows exactly what the jobs of the future are going to look like for the Pembridge girls and so it is essential that we prepare them with the intellectual characteristics that will be used across their lives.  We believe that these six key values, which have all each been linked to four further aspects of character education, will enable the girls to tackle challenges head on, encourage them to be innately ambitious for themselves and recognise that we are all individual and unique.