School Ethos


Pembridge Hall recognises that our girls will enter a complex and ever-changing world which befits emotionally intelligent, resilient girls who can embrace the wonderful opportunities available to them. Pembridge girls love coming to school and gain an appreciation of wider society and the diversity of nationalities, faiths and languages represented by Pembridge families. We believe that creativity and independence of thought are as integral to the girls’ development as traditional forms of learning.

Aims of the School

Development of the Person

Qualities in girls which are encouraged and nurtured:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Contentment/happiness
  • Confidence and humility
  • Independence of thought
  • Self-reflection; spirituality
  • Empathy towards others
  • Adaptability to change; stability/resilience
  • Awareness of breadth of opportunity for girls and women


Learning attitudes, skills and knowledge engendered in girls:

  • Innovative/creative/critical thinking
  • Independent learning
  • Intellectual curiosity: questioning approach to the world
  • Ability to work effectively in a group or project-oriented environment

School and Wider Community (including parental links)

Pembridge parent community:

  • Bespoke engagement with parents on well-being and learning progression of their daughter(s)
  • A thriving parent teacher association (PTA) to enhance the sense of school community
  • An ambitious ‘Bursary and Scholarship Fund’ to support the girls of parents who fall on hard times and to fund places for local girls of academic potential from less advantaged backgrounds
  • Working with the Kensington & Chelsea community and our local church, St. Matthew’s, to support worthy charitable causes
  • Establishing an awareness of the wider community: London, U.K., international