Years 3 & 4

Our Middle School comprises of Years 3 and 4. Children within these year groups begin their time being based at no.18 in Year 3, before moving fulltime to no.10, in Year 4. Weekly assemblies with musical performances and competitions, ensure a bond is built between the year groups, that in turn provide encouragement and enjoyment. The curriculum offers girls the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of academic responsibility, as they learn how to be prepared for lessons, engage with independent thought and navigate their timetable. This enables them to take increasing ownership of their learning journey.

Highlights of Year 3 include the first embarkment on a residential trip, organised by a specialist team, accompanied by their teachers and peers. Furthermore, they immerse themselves in the history of Ancient Egypt through interactive and inspiring activities. Once the girls reach Year 4, they are eager to commence their life at no.10 and continue to build on the foundations of previous years. The girls are seen as role models to Year 3, while nurturing their Upper School aspirations.

Middle School provides the girls with a greater discern of self in preparation for their final years at Pembridge Hall.