Years 5 & 6

Our spacious building at no.10 Pembridge Square features a range of custom-designed spaces for the teaching of specialist subjects, including a well-equipped Science laboratory, a light and airy Art studio, a spacious Gymnasium and a Drama studio complete with stage lighting and a dazzling array of costumes and props.

The Upper School (which comprises of Year 5 and Year 6) builds on the learning from Year 4 and previous years. The curriculum places much greater emphasis on deeper thinking, with enquiry and critical thinking skills embedded throughout many aspects of the girls’ learning. They will spend more time investigating reasoning and begin to experience new lessons, such as Philosophy which will enhance their ability to question and debate in meaningful contexts.

Year 5 is a fast-paced year academically, as the girls take on greater responsibility for their own learning and prepare more rigorously for the 11+ examinations in Year 6.  Nevertheless, assemblies, outings, concerts, drama and a residential trip all contribute to the enthusiasm and enjoyment of Upper School life. It is very much a balance between exam preparation and an enriched curriculum to develop the whole child.

The Autumn term of Year 6 is an exciting and challenging one, where the girls work tremendously hard to fully prepare for the 11+ and Common Entrance examinations. Girls are taught the value of perseverance and determination, as they strive to reach their maximum potential. In the second half of the academic year, once the exams are over, girls continue on with a varied academic programme to prepare them for transition to their next school. There are a number of highlights to the year which include day trips, a week-long culturally immersive trip to France, a business and enterprise project, and a high-quality drama production.

Finally – in true Pembridge tradition – girls are given a memorable send-off as they are clapped down the steps of Number 10 on their last day, having been fully prepared for the next steps in their education.